【What is Swanian psychology?】

Swanian psychology is the work of Teal Swan. To know more about it, please read my article on Swanian psychology and visit her website.

【What is The Completion Process?】

It’s an emotional trauma resolution technique designed specifically for childhood trauma integration. We will use the triggers (negative emotions) felt in your current adult life to retrieve the subconscious memories that are causally linked to the triggers you feel right now. You don’t have to remember anything to do this process. For more information, please read this article I wrote on the Completion Process, visit thecompletionprocess.com and watch this video on The Completion Process.

【What happens in a trauma resolution (The Completion Process) session with Luna?】

In our trauma resolution (CP) sessions, we will be doing The Completion Process fully or the first few steps (creating the safe haven and doing the emotional vipassana/unconditionally feeling the trigger in your current situation) of CP depending on where you are in terms of your level of resistance to feeling emotions. Some of us experience more difficulties with feeling and being unconditionally present with emotions and therefore take more time to fully settle into this very feeling-based process.

【Is The Completion Process going to work for me?】

The Completion Process works for anyone experiencing any emotional distress. Effectiveness depends on the level of dissociation/resistance you have to feeling emotions, feeling bodily sensations (somatic experiences) and facing the reality of your childhood. Traumatic memories are stored in a fragmented way (visual, somatic, emotional, etc.), so it’s not necessary to see images in the process. Images can show up in symbolic ways as well. Whatever comes up during the process is all valid and meaningful.

【What happens in a relationship or success coaching session with Luna?】

In our coaching sessions, I will listen to you, and based on your specific situation, decide to proceed with The Completion Process or shadow work or parts work. I will also ask you to describe your patterns and how the patterns unfold in your specific case to identify your needs and solutions that work for you. Single people are suitable for the relationship coaching as well! 🙂

【What is shadow work?】

Shadow work is working with the subconscious mind, things ‘we don’t know that we don’t know’. Shadow work is all about becoming consciously aware of what is previously unconscious to us, especially painful patterns no longer serving us and the trauma causing these patterns. Shadow work is the process of integrating the primary split within us, the conscious (known) and the subconscious (unknown). It’s natural to feel a bit nervous doing shadow work because things were buried for a reason, but the gold of our existence is also buried there, too. Awareness is the first agent of change, and only with awareness, genuine free will is possible. We will do this in the Q&A format in our sessions. So be prepared to be questioned deeply, let’s dive deep together! 😉

【What is parts work?】

To understand parts work, we need to first understand that we as people are composed of multiple selves, otherwise known as personalities. We are not ‘one person with one name’. We have a singular physical body, but inside that body, we have multiple selves due to childhood trauma, and we call these selves ‘parts’. Parts work are the process of integration of these multiple different selves within our embodiment. It is to create harmony, fusion and unity between our internal polarised selves, so that you can move forward without internal opposition (resistance) and achieve your desires as soon as possible.

【What if all I want is to be validated and unconditional presence, not any advice or tool?】

Yes! This is totally fine! Just tell me directly at the beginning of our session, and this will be the centre of our session. How to know if this is what you want? If you receive advice and learn all kinds of tool, but you don’t practise them, then you’re very likely to be the type of person who just wants unconditional presence and validation. If you’re tired of receiving the message ‘some part of you needs to change’, you’re very likely to be the type of person who just wants unconditional presence and validation.

【Who ISN’T right to book a session with Luna?】

If you want quick fixes, don’t want to commit to the actual practice of changing your life, want to rely on me 100% not taking responsibility for your life and your own healing, then sorry, I’m not the right person for you. Genuine healing takes time and commitment.

I know for some people, the healing experience they need is to reply on someone 100%. These people experienced a lot of developmental trauma in their early childhood, and relying on a parental figure is the unmet need they have. This requires a team of specialists and therefore is beyond my capacity. I hope there will be accessible developmental trauma centres opening around the world as soon as possible since this is a dire need we have in society.

【Do you offer free consultations?】

I used to offer this service, but I no longer do for boundary reasons.

【How much does each of the offerings cost?】

• Trauma Resolution (The Completion Process): €120/1.5 hours

• Relationship Coaching: €150/1.5 hours

• Success Coaching: €150/1.5 hours

If the session is going to run over, I charge €50/30 minutes. The maximum duration of one session is 2.5 hours.