Announcement: Booking for 1:1 coaching sessions is OPEN now!

Are you interested in working 1:1 with Luna? You’re at the right place!

Are you someone who…
• Is highly driven, motivated and committed to genuine lasting change in your life instead of coping?
• Takes ownership of your own decisions and actions?
• Loves taking notes and personal responsibility?
• Values integrative healing, self awareness and authenticity?
• Desires and prioritises healthy relationships with yourself and people in your life?
• Desires and prioritises healthy social groups?
• Is over the age of 18 and speaks English?

If so, it’s likely that we share the same core values, and we are a good match!

What to expect in 1:1 coaching sessions
• 2 Types of Coaching:
1. Life Purpose – Self Development & Career Coaching
2. Romantic Partnership – Compatibility Assessment For Singles & Dealing with Conflicts, Incompatibility and Unwanted Attractions
• Shadow work, parts work, inner child work & The Completion Process (A lot of Q&A and exercises to gain self awareness & childhood trauma integration)
• Learning concepts and receiving advice
• Setting weekly accountability goals
• Completing homework assignments
• Pricing of each weekly session: $120/60 minutes
• Online sessions using Skype
• Refunds available, details in the legal contract

Luna’s Style of Coaching
• My style is very awareness and solution oriented, which means I will not validate and enable you nonstop, instead I will challenge you and encourage you to create positive change.
• If you don’t want to feel triggered at all, we won’t be compatible. Triggers of fear, shame and powerlessness are likely to surface in the process of any work involving self awareness and integration, so please be prepared for them.
• I aim to create a safe container for all emotions. In our sessions, you have opportunities to practise owning, acknowledging, validating, understanding and expressing your emotions.
• I respect your free will, and in our sessions, assisting you to own your free will and make conscious choices is my top priority.
• Working with me means the commitment to rapid expansion. You are the one leading your life and making progress. I’m your guide and accountability partner.

Plans and Pricing
$1440 for 12 sessions – Basic Plan:
• 12 weekly sessions.
• No audio recordings.
• No email support in between sessions.

$2160 for 12 sessions – Standard Plan:
• 12 weekly sessions.
• Audio recordings available.
• No email support in between sessions.

$2880 for 12 sessions – Premium Plan:
• 12 weekly sessions.
• Audio recordings available.
• Email support in between sessions (answering questions regarding your practice and assignments).

Before purchasing any 1:1 session plans as a new client, please book a compatibility assessment session and read the core teachings page.

What to expect in a compatibility assessment session
• Getting to know each other more
• Answering questions to see if we are a good match
• Gaining awareness on genuine priorities and values (readiness to commit)
• Filling in the client intake form
• Signing the digital legal contract
• Audio recording available
• Pricing: $120/90 minutes
• Online session using Skype
• No refund for compatibility assessment session

Click here to book a compatibility assessment session!

• Do you work with clients in person?
No, all my sessions are online.
• Do you hold workshops or other types of event?
If there are new workshops or events in the future, I will announce them on the homepage.
• How do I pay you if PayPal is unavailable for me?
Please message me directly for bank transfer information.

About Luna Ni
Luna Ni is a passionate visionary who dedicates her life to creating a world in which all people genuinely heal in safe relationships in all sectors of life. She is an integrative spiritual teacher and coach, a Completion Process Certified Practitioner and a self-directed learner.