My name is Luna Tzu-Ching Ni, and I am a practitioner and advocate of Swanian psychology and Completion Process Certified Practitioner. I am a self-directed learner, also known as unschooler. Shadow work is my greatest passion in life.

I specialise in breaking free from dysfunctional family dynamics and effective communication which is the key ingredient in successful relationships, conflict resolution and parts work.

Here is a list of different types of trauma; if you find yourself struggling with one or some of them, we’d be a good match working together.

• Orphan Trauma (Emotional trauma of being an orphan in childhood and adulthood)

• Emotional Neglect (The trauma caused by the absence of what is needed, Inner void/Emptiness, Lack of emotional closeness)

• Grief (Loss trauma, Death of loved ones, Heartbreak, Relationship Breakups)

• Rejection Trauma (Fear of self disclosure/revealing personal truths/the ‘real me’, fear of abandonment, low self-esteem)

• Non-Belonging & Loneliness & Isolation

• Success (Commitment issues, not putting energy into what you say you are committed to, clearing what’s in the way of your success)

• Relationship Issues (Fear of Relationships, Insecure Attachment Styles, Safety In Relationships)

• Insignificance Trauma (Invisibility/Being ignored)

• Needs Related Trauma (being denied of/shamed for your needs and having needs, feeling guilty and powerless to have your needs met by others or yourself, The surety/consistency/security of your needs being met with love and softness)