【About Teal Swan & Swanian Psychology: Summary】

【關於緹爾 · 思望與思望心理學:概要】

Teal Swan is an internationally recognised teacher of integrative health, spirituality, personal and societal transformation. She was born with a wide range of extrasensory perceptions including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

緹爾 · 思望是位享譽國際的靈性導師,教學內容涵蓋整合醫學、靈性成長、個人與社會集體改革。從小到大都擁有各種超感官能力,如靈視、超感官聽覺與身體感覺。

Due to her unusual extrasensory perceptions, she was targeted by the local cults in the area she grew up in (Utah, the United States). From the ages of 6-19, she was mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually tortured by the cults. And as a result of the acute ritual trauma, she was suffering from the full range of Complex PTSD and couldn’t function in the society as an adult.


Her journey of recovery forced her to reown her spiritual gifts to find the answers to how to genuinely heal from her past instead of just coping with life. She has extensive knowledge of and personal experience with psychiatric medications and various modalities of therapy.


After going through what’s currently available in the mental health field and doing her own research using her extrasensory perceptions and going out of body, she developed a technique called The Completion Process which is specifically designed for healing the root cause of suffering, the childhood trauma which causes a person’s consciousness/personality to fragment.

神農嘗百草般經歷過精神醫學界現有的選項,並運用超感官能力與意識出體去做研究,他發展了一個情緒創傷療癒技巧,The Completion Process(童年創傷回溯整合技巧)。該技巧專門為療癒苦難的根源——童年創傷(造成人類意識/人格分裂的原因)設計。

Because of her own personal experience and what she’s observed in the current spiritual field that damages people, her teachings are centred around the concept and practice of integration. According to her perspective, spirituality, psychological treatment and self development should be used to facilitate the integration of consciousness instead of avoidance and escapism of pain, aka triggers which are the byproduct of trauma; genuine healing from trauma is to reverse the process of dissociation which is the cause of triggers/PTSD from her perspective.


In the practice of integration, a person is called to embody their full personal truth, their authenticity. In 2014, Teal Swan started the social movement based on the principle of authenticity which is the basis on which integration can happen.

實踐整合的過程中,人需要在生活中展現落實自己完整的內在真理,完全真實的自己。2014年,緹爾 · 思望開始了一場基於「真實原則」的社會運動。真實,是整合能夠發生的基礎。

For more information about Swanian psychology, please visit Teal Swan’s website: https://tealswan.com

更多關於思望心理學的資訊,請造訪緹爾 · 思望的網站:https://tealswan.com