Luna Ni is a passionate visionary who dedicates her life to creating a world in which all people genuinely heal in safe relationships in all sectors of life. She is an integrative spiritual teacher and coach, a Completion Process Certified Practitioner and a self-directed learner.

  • Integrative Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Being an integrative spiritual teacher means I teach spirituality in a way that integrates both higher dimensional truths and lower dimensional truths. It means I teach the integration of contradictory truths. I teach genuine awareness and reality that might feel painful in the short term instead of comfort that’s going to harm you in the long term. I teach about childhood trauma and how to genuinely heal from it. I teach about how to use spirituality to become more physical and embodied instead of escaping from physical reality and physical life.

  • Completion Process Certified Practitioner

Being a Completion Process Certified Practitioner (CPCP) means I am certified to facilitate trauma integration using the technique called The Completion Process (CP). The Completion Process is an emotional trauma resolution technique that’s designed to heal any form of emotional trauma, including C-PTSD, PTSD, developmental trauma, enmeshment trauma, abandonment trauma, rejection trauma, emotional neglect, insecure attachment styles etc. The most unique part of this technique is that it capitalises on emotional triggers to retrieve and resolve traumatic memories instead of diminishing the triggers and helping you cope. It is a technique that causes dramatic changes in your life, so if you’re not ready for drastic change, don’t use it.

  • Self-Directed Learner

Being a self-directed learner means my learning is driven primarily by intrinsic motivation instead of extrinsic motivation. I’m driven by my own interest. I initiate my own learning. I learn something because it brings me joy to learn it. I have personal experience with learning in the conventional school system and self-directed learning.